Submarine Pipe Laying System

The company provides integrated submarine pipe laying system for S-LAY barge that includes submarine pipe handling system, submarine pipe laying system and auxiliary equipment.

Pipe handling system is used for transferring pipes from pipe storage racks into stinger through fire line that is a key part for smooth and successful submarine pipe laying. Pipe handling system includes longitudinal transfer roller, traverse transfer rail, traverse transfer vehicle, line-up station, pipe support roller unit, track support, pipe stinger roller box, as well as electric and hydraulic power station. It can be either local or remote controlled. The main specification is as follows: submarine pipe diameter range: 4-60 inches; max individual pipe joint weight is 30×103 kg. 

Submarine pipe laying system is one of key equipment of submarine pipe laying process which is mainly used for constant tension (or constant speed) submarine pipe laying, pipe abandonment and recovery. Submarine pipe laying system includes tensioner, A&R winch, hydraulic power unit, electric power unit, tension measuring system and control system. The tensioner is of type of 2 vertical tracks which clamps submarine pipes with constant pressure vertically. The tracks are driven by hydraulic motor or AC variable frequency motor for controlling submarine pipe deployment and retraction with constant tension.A&R winch is of single roller type and hydraulic motor or AC variable frequency motor is used for controlling roller deployment and retraction. Cable arrangement device and force measuring pulley are equipped. The main specifications are as follows: rated tension: 1000 kN; transfer speed under the rated tension: 40 m/min.

Some auxiliary equipment are equipped for increasing submarine pipe laying efficiency such as pipe in pipe extraction tool, beveling machine movement and alignment devices and etc. Pipe detacher is located on fire line of submarine pipe lay barge suitable for the working condition of pipe-in-pipe laying operation capable of making opposite separation of inner and outer pipes, which is especially for helping to finish inner and outer layer end welding. Pipe facing machine movement and alignment devices are located at both sides of submarine pipe laying line traverse travel area for locating and lifting submarine pipes from submarine pipe storage rack of traverse travel area and transferring them into beveling machine, in order to assist beveling machine to finish pipe end beveling.

  • Pipe Transfer System

  • Pipe Line-up

  • Tensioner

  • A&R Winch

Hose and Umbilical Cable Laying System

Hose and umbilical cable laying system includes mainly 3 categories of equipment those are storing and driving equipment, torque eliminating equipment and tensioner. Storing and driving equipment is mainly used for winding hoses and cables onto roller or rotary table before laying and provide power when lowering. Torque eliminating equipment supports and guides hoses and cables, eliminates hose and cable torque as well as provides them with conveying power. Tensioner is used for clamping and conveying hoses and cables, in order to keep subsea hose and cable tension during the laying.

Storing and driving equipment includes horizontal rotation unit and vertical rotation unit, which includes power unit, control unit, guide unit and drive unit.

Horizontal rotation unit can be directly driven or by 4 rollers. Its support can travel and locate laterally and longitudinally. Control mode can be manual or constant tension. It has the following specifications: Max. drivable hose and cable roller weight: 300×103 kg; max. retraction and extension speed: 10 m/min.

Drive device of vertical rotation unit includes rotary carrier base plate, rotary carrier turntable, central rotary support roller stand and hydraulic motor drive unit. On the base plate, there is equipped with support roller for supporting turntable and hydraulic motor is used for driving outer turntable pin in order for rotary carrier turntable to rotate. The main specifications are as follows: max. hose and cable basket weight: 4000×103 kg kN; hose and cable basket diameter: 10~25 m; rotation speed: 0~2.4 r/min.


Torque eliminating equipment includes stepped wheel and control system with control mode of wire control or wireless remote control. Main specifications are as follows: hose and cable diameter: 30~300 mm; hoisting capacity for hoses and cables: 50 kN; retraction and extension speed: 0~25 m/min.

Tensioner driving mode can be of 2-track or 4-track mode. It includes tensioner main part, hydraulic power unit, electric power unit and control unit. Tracks can be driven by hydraulic unit or electric motor. Control mode can be manual or automation constant tension and constant speed mode. Main specifications are as follows: tension: 850 kN; max. Retraction and extension speed: 15 m/min.

  • 85T Tensioner

  • Vertical Rotation Unit

  • Powered Torque Eliminating Wheel

  • Horizontal Rotation Unit

Offshore Piling & Grouting Pile System

Offshore piling and grouting pile system is a key equipment of pile foundation construction in marine engineering, bridge and other fields.

Piling system includes the following 5 sections: hydraulic power module, console cabinet, hydraulic pipe winch, umbilical cable winch and hammer. During underwater operation, hammer ram moves in the air and control system signals for ram to rise, lower, be pressurized and strike. Hammer ram transmits striking force to anvil and tubular pile for grouting. Striking energy can be controlled. Main specifications are as follows: striking energy: ~800 KNm; striking frequency: 38 Bl/min.

Offshore grouting pile system is a special-purpose equipment for offshore jacket grouting that consists mainly of mechanisms such as feeding unit, metering device, mixer, blender, slurry conveyor pump and etc., pneumatic and electric control units. Concrete slurry is produced by feeding cement, water and additive, metering, blending and mixing, unloading and other processing procedures, then conveyed to specified operation points by slurry conveyor pump. The whole process is controlled by 2 stand alone control systems which are manual and semi-automatic ones. Main specifications are as follows: output slurry flow: ~30 m3 /h; max. working pressure: 6 MPa (it can be customized according to user’s requirements).

Hydraulic pipe winch can drive and wind pipe roller for pipe retraction and extension. It can be hydraulic or electric motor driven with stepless speeds. Local and remote control can be used. Main specifications are as follows: channels: ~6; single channel size: 2"; max. tension: 7000 kN; max. retraction and extension speed: 12 m/min; roller capacity: 260 m.

Umbilical cable winch can wind cable or umbilical cable roller for cable retraction and extension, in order to provide power to drive unit remotely. It is suitable for high and low voltage cables. Main specifications are as follows: channels: ~24; max. tension: 4000 kN; max. retraction and extension speed: 20 m/min; roller capacity: 200 m.

  • Pipe Winch

  • Grouting Machine

  • Umbilical Cable Winch

  • Hydraulic Piling Hammer

On-site Dragging & Ship Load Adjustment System

Dragging and sliding load-out of offshore oilfield extra-large components (offshore jackets, platform chunks and etc.) include 2 steps of on-site dragging and sliding load-out. During on-site dragging, components are dragged from manufacturing site to the wharf frontier along slide rail. When the first half of component support shoe is dragged to barge, ship load adjustment system regulates barge height relative to wharf for sliding load-out. Finally, components are dragged to preset positions. Dragging system design is one of the important processes for dragging and sliding load-out. Linear winch and roller winch tackle blocks are mostly used as hydraulic equipment for continuous dragging so far, whereas, hydraulic jack system is used as hydraulic equipment for interrupted dragging.

Linear winch includes 3 parts of hydraulic power station, winch and cable winding machine with high-power diesel engine as power supply. In automatic control mode, hydraulic system drives 2 sets of winch carrier clamps for reciprocating movement in order to continuously drag steel cables for operation, and the steel cables sent by clamps are taken using cable winding machine. Main specifications are as follows: max. tension: 6000 kN; max. speed: 3 m/min; cable winding machine capacity: 400 m.

Roller winch includes 3 parts which are winch, power station and control cabinet. Cable roller is driven by hydraulic motor or variable frequency motor. Winch lifting or heavy load dragging is manually and constant tension controlled. Main specifications are as follows: max. tension (outer layer): 850 kN; max. retraction and extension speed: 15 m/min; roller capacity: 2400 m.

Pulling jack system consists of pulling jack, hydraulic power station, central control cabinet, steel strand pre-tensioning tool and mooring anchor. Pulling jack is linked to dragged components via a pedestal with diesel engine as a power supply that hydraulically drives the jack to finish sliding load-out. Main specifications are as follows: max. tension: 7500 kN; stretching speed: 0.5 m/min.

Ship load adjustment system consists of 3 parts which are submerged pump, power station and control cabinet. Several locations are arranged separately in barge ballast cabin or ship board side. It is remote cooperative controlled and working condition is monitored for ship seawater load adjustment. Main specifications are as follows: single pump displacement: 1000 m3/h; lifting height: 17 m.

  • Ship Load Adjusting System

  • Roller Winch

  • Pulling Jack

  • Linear Winch

Subsea Construction Equipment

Subsea construction equipment mainly refers to subsea pipeline maintenance equipment which is related to detection and evaluation, emergency repair, ditching, pigging, pressure testing and etc. The equipment includes ditcher, cement coating clearing device, subsea dry cabin power unit, subsea welding device and etc.

Submerged injection type ditcher is a special-purpose equipment for subsea obstacle clearing construction which meets the requirement of regular dredging and ditching when submarine pipeline maintenance. The equipment uses 2 pumps with T or H arrangement. The injection angle of the 2 pumps can be regulated according to construction requirements. The equipment consists of hydraulic power station, hose roller and injection type ditcher. Main specifications are as follows: operational water depth: up to 150 m; max. ditching depth: 3 m; ditching speed: 50-200 m3/h.

Cement coating clearing device can clamp submarine pipe and carry high-pressure water nozzle to move axially or radially when submarine pipeline repair for clearing pipeline cement coating and anticorrosive coating. It consists of clamping device, high-pressure water station and control cabinet. Main specifications are as follows: operative pipe diameter 0~14, 14~36 inches; coating thickness cleared: 100 mm; axial linear speed 12 m/h; operative water depth: up to 150 m.

Subsea dry cabin power unit is used for 3-dimentional positioning of subsea dry cabin and its support, cabin pipe sealing, robot control, dry cabin stabilization and providing hydraulic power to hydraulic tools in cabin. Main specifications are as follows: operative water depth of hydraulic system: 60 m; flow rate: 23 L/min; pressure: 25 Mpa.

Subsea friction welding device is used for repairing pipe weld defect of subsea offshore jacket. It can be installed and fixed to pipelines one time to finish spindle head positioning, drilling and friction welding. It consists of clamping and welding device, power station and control cabinet. Main specifications are as follows: operative water depth: 60 m; max. applied pipe diameter: 24 inches; max. weld crack depth: 30 mm.

  • Cement Coating Clearing Device

  • Subsea Dry Cabin Hydraulic System

  • Subsea Friction Welding Device

  • Ditcher

Deck Machinery

Jingyan has been committed to customize special-purpose deck machinery for submarine pipe laying vessel, heavy lift barge, subsea installation and construction mother ship and etc. The company provides all-around services including design, purchase, production and on-site commission. The products include deck winch, A-frame, sheave block, deck lead block and etc.

Deck winch includes A&R winch, deep-water lowering winch, stinger lifting winch, storage winch, wire rope spooling winch and etc. it can be driven by hydraulic motor or variable frequency motor with local control, remote control, wire or wireless remote control and etc. Speed mode, tension mode and other modes can be provided. Also, we provide hydraulic power unit, electric control power unit and variety of installations.

The winch can be used for wire rope retraction and deployment. If wire rope tension is set, it can automatically retract and deploy wire ropes under a constant tension. It is of single drum structure mainly including winch, measuring system, power unit and control unit. The winch consists of winch chassis, drum unit, hydraulic brakes, driving mechanism, rope spooling assembly and etc. Main specifications are as follows: rated outer layer tension: 2000 kN; max. outer retraction and deployment speed: 20 m/min; reel capacity: 2000 m.

Wire rope spooling winch is such a device that uses hydraulically driven reel to replace wire ropes within a preset tension, which is used for wire rope replacement of crane, anchor winch and other equipment. It also can be used for active or passive wire rope retraction and deployment under constant tension. It mainly consists of hydraulic power station, control console and adjustable wire rope reel support. Main specifications are as follows: max. reel weight: 160×103 kN; tension for wire rope retraction and deployment: 250 kN; applicable reel width: 1200~5000 mm; applicable wire rope diameter: 5~106 mm; max. reel rotation speed for wire rope retraction and deployment: 2.1 r/min。

  • Steel Rope Winding Winch

  • Winch Driven by Hydraulic Motor

  • Winch Driven by Variable Frequency Motor

  • Deck Winch

Offshore Engineering Testing and Inspection Equipment

Equipment The testing and inspection equipment include constant tension product testing platform, pile lifting tool testing device, steel rope tension tester, power station loading testing device and etc. Test process control, data acquisition, processing and analyzing and report output are performed by computer.

Constant tension product testing platform consists of testing platform and data acquisition systems which can test the performances of winch and tensioner via opposite pulling and make dynamic simulation. It can withstand a tension of 2000 kN at height of 2.5 m. Data acquisition and analysis system consists of various general testing equipment with different functions which can acquire every subsystem parameters in real time for analysis during equipment testing.

Pile lifting tool testing device is used for lifting simulation of built-in hydraulic pile lifting tool and performance test, in order to assure pile lifting tool to be secure and reliable. It consists of 3 parts those are loading unit, support unit and sample pile to be lifted. Hydraulic system drives loading cylinder to push support unit that applies force to pile lifting tool, thus perform loading test in horizontal and vertical directions. Main specifications are as follows: horizontal tension: ~10000 kN; vertical tension: ~5000 kN; pile lifting tool size: up to 96 inches.

Steel rope tension tester is mainly used for testing steel rope sling tension. It measures steel rope length change to its different tensions during testing. The device consists mainly of hydraulic system, main draw unit, medium part and fixed tensile machine frame. Specifications are as follows: max. Tension: 10000 kN; max. drawing stroke: 1.5 m; drawing speed: 10 mm / s.

The power station loading unit is developed for testing hydraulic station loading of piling hammer and winch which consists of loading valve block, flow meter, cooler, sea water filter, submerged pump and acquisition control system. The above units are integrated in a container that can test hydraulic power system performance and durability by controlling power station output parameters and provide scientific basis for regular power station performance test. Main specifications are as follows: measurable flow: ~1200 L/min; pressure: ~35 Mpa.

  • Pile Lifting Tool Testing Device

  • Power Station Loading Unit

  • Steel Rope Tension Tester

  • Constant Tension Product Testing Platform

Hydraulic (Electric) Power Equipment

Jingyan has comprehensive multi-disciplinary technical advantages, perfect design measures, strict scientific research management system and strong technical capabilities in mechanical-electrical-hydraulic systematic integration and non-standard equipment development. We provide you with complete sets of solutions, customize all kinds of large-scale hydraulic pump station, hydraulic servo control system, electric drive system, electric control system and other special products with excellent quality and perfect pre-sale and after-sale services according to your requirements on power systems in heavy-duty machinery, marine engineering and other fields.

Production capacity: max. power: 1000 kw; max. pressure: 45 Mpa; max. flow: 3000 L/min.

Hydraulic equipment of natural gas transmission pipeline production line includes 5 hydraulic systems for helical welding pipe production, dressing and finishing, chamfering, water pressure testing and anticorrosion, among them, the hydraulic system for steel pipe water pressure testing consists of main hydraulic power station, auxiliary hydraulic power station, booster power station, control system and etc. for filling water, pressurizing, pressure maintaining, pressure relief and driving all the actuators for a series of actions during steel pipe testing. The product was rewarded as Excellent New Product by China Hydraulics Pneumatic & Seal Association.

Haihe River movable bridge consists of 3 parts which are eastern and western approach bridges and main bridge with a whole length of 868.8 m. Main bridge width is 20 m and span is 76 m, which is the double vane vertical rotation type movable bridge with largest span in Asian. The company contracted all the mechanical-electrical system design, manufacturing and installation of its opening system. The opening system includes drive system for opening and closing, trunnion support system, alignment locking system, hydraulic drive system, electric control system and etc. The project was rewarded The First Prize of 2012 Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Prize.

  • Haihe River Movable Bridge

  • Hydraulic Systme for Pipeline Laying Production Line

  • Hydraulic System for Hydropress

  • Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic (Hydrodynamic) Testing Equipment

Jingyan has been engaged in fundamental researches in hydraulic (hydrodynamic) component and system testing procedure, evaluation standard, testing equipment and etc. The company finished 6 national standard and 3 industrial standard formulations for which it was approved as a Great Contribution Enterprise in Hydraulic and Pneumatic Industry Standardization. The company has developed 7 categories 20 testing equipment for testing hydraulic (Hydrodynamic) machines, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic fittings and hydraulic systems, provided nearly 100 testers to more than 50 construction machinery and hydraulic component producers, from which, the company has got considerable economic and social benefits and accumulated rich experiences.

Based on modular design concept, the company has developed multi-functional, flexible and open hydraulic (Hydrodynamic) testing platform frameworks, functional modules, testing procedure controls and measuring systems. Based on construction machinery load spectrum, hydraulic component reliability was evaluated by testing hydraulic component performance, vibration, noise and other parameters under conditions of overload, shock, high temperature and etc., thus the hydraulic (hydrodynamic) system was simulated. Energy consumption of the test was effectively reduced with power recovery technology of viable frequency drive and hydraulic drive. Based on LabVIEW software platform, the company developed tester measuring and control system, by which, computer automatically simulated dynamic loading and process control, thus, performance test automation and intellectualization were realized.

Besides meeting the requirements of manufacturer quality inspection, the hydraulic (hydrodynamic) components and system testing equipment Jingyan developed meet the requirements for innovative technology and principle test of high-end hydraulic components and system, technical research of hydraulic component reliability, verification test of test evaluation standards and industrial testing technical services. The open structure, reconfigurable testing system and function of testing procedure creation the new generation testing equipment possesses provide researchers with an innovative platform for testing and R&D,while, flexibility and informatization of testing system will meet future testing requirements for advanced hydraulic technology.

  • Hydrodynamic Drive Tester

  • Hydraulic Valve Tester

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Tester

  • Hydraulic Component Comprehensive Testing System

Hydraulic Fittings

Jingyan is a professional hydraulic fitting producer and central management enterprise of the industrial technology nationwide. The company has been taking a leading position in technology with more than 50-year of industrial research and study experiences of Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery. It took charge of or participated in drafting several national and industrial standards such as JB/T10759 High Temperature and High Pressure Hydraulic Hose Assembly of Construction Machinery, part 5: 37o Flared Hose Fitting of JB/T9065.2 Hydraulic Hose Fittings, GB/T26143 Hydraulic Fitting Testing Procedure, part 1: O-Ring Face Seal Hose Fitting of GB/T 9065.1 Hydraulic Hose Fittings and etc.

Jingyan has perfect management system, advanced production equipment and testing method. The company has been committed to producing high quality and reliable hydraulic hose and pipe assemblies. Its products are widely used in all kinds of construction machinery, pavement construction machinery, wind power generation equipment, offshore oil industry and lots of national major engineering projects.

Jingyan imported hose cutting machine, peeling machine, crimping machine and washing machine from overseas for producing hydraulic hose assemblies such as steel wire braided hydraulic hose assemblies with inner diameter of 5~51 mm and working temperature of ﹣40~100 ℃ and 4SP, 4SH spiral wire hydraulic hose assemblies, as well as R12, R13 and R15 spiral wire hydraulic hose assemblies with working temperature of -40~120 ℃.

Jingyan had imported large-scale automatic bending machine, automatic welding machine and etc. for hydraulic steel pipe cutting, flaring, fitting welding, nut locking and etc. The company provides hydraulic pipe assemblies with inner diameter of 4~60 mm and different wall thickness to meet customer’s requirements for different accuracies. Also, the company provides professional washing machines for cleaning inner wall of steel pipes.

  • Production Equipment

  • Testing Equipment

  • Testing Equipment

  • Hydraulic Hose Assembly

Jingyan Profile

Tianjin Jingyan Construction Machinery Transmission Co., Ltd.(Jingyan in short) is a high-tech enterprise founded in 2001 invested by Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery, Tianjin Zhenggang Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin University of Technology and several technical and management talents.

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